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MedakUTD Empty MedakUTD

Post by blaNked on 2010-06-16, 01:51

MedakUTD Serveri su promenili ip adrese . Molimo vas da u favorite ubacite nove :

  • MedakUTD Public Alfa

  • MedakUTD DeathMatch Server

  • MedakUTD De_dust2 Server

  • MedakUTD CW Server #1

  • MedakUTD CW Server #2

Sponzor Servera

Cyber Shark Hosting

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MedakUTD Empty Re: MedakUTD

Post by yea on 2010-06-28, 20:23

[color=white]Ovako stoji trenutna situacija sa Serverima...Molimo da ih ubacite u favorite i da uzivate u igri...

[color=blue]MedakUTD Public Alfa

[color=blue]MedakUTD DeathMatch

MedakUTD HnS

MedakUTD CW #1

Adresa naseg sajta i foruma je www.medakutd.com

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